Each therapist takes commercial insurances: Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, UMR, Oxford, BlueCross/Blue Shield (Empire), and Cigna. Unfortunately, we do not take Medicaid or Medicare.

We also provide courtesy billing for out-of-network insurances that provide out-of-network benefits.

JoAnne Singh, owner of Fully Integrated Psychotherapy and Consultation, a smiling woman with dark curly hair wearing a polkadot blouseJoAnne Singh, LMHC

Clinical Director, Psychotherapist

JoAnne Singh is a non-judgmental psychotherapist with experience treating minors and adults since 2006. She has specialized training in motivational interviewing, mindfulness, CBT, resource development and installation, ego state/parts work, IFS, and EMDR. JoAnne is an EMDR Certified Therapist, EMDR Approved Consultant, and Teacher’s Assistant for Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute for EMDR basic training. She explores the root causes of negative thought patterns and works with clients to create new patterns, moving them toward their goals.

JoAnne’s out-of-pocket rate is $130 for 55 minute session and $100 for a 45 minute session.

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JoAnne graduated from Barnard College in 2002 and Alliance Graduate School of Counseling in 2006, receiving her master’s in counseling. JoAnne has worked mainly in community centers before starting a private practice in 2020. She continues to grow her passion for helping people to gain a better control of their lives.

She uses a comprehensive intake to understand various aspects of a clients’ history. She is trauma-informed and takes special care to reduce triggering and overwhelmingly negative emotions. The intake guides her direction in the therapeutic process. She works with the client to create a treatment plan that suits their personal goals. Clients start the process by stocking up their therapeutic toolbox with coping skills and inner resources. These therapy tools help to prepare the client for the challenges of the therapeutic process

Starting the therapy process can be daunting, but rest assured the client is in the driver’s seat. They choose their own goals, the pace of therapy, and the duration of treatment. JoAnne joins alongside them to provide insight and guidance with tools and techniques. Therapy work can be a catalyst to reaching personal goals. Think about the years of frustration and heartache that you’ll save by putting yourself on the right track! She assists clients in having a better understanding of the root causes of their problems and shows them how to address these root problems instead of having to readdress their challenges over and over again.

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Kyle Konarski, MHC-LP

Associate Psychotherapist

Kyle Konarski offers an empathetic, non-judgmental space for clients to express themselves. He practices therapy with a strengths-based, person-centered, integrative approach. He utilizes evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). He specializes in helping clients with the following concerns: Addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD, relationship issues, family conflicts, self-esteem, & stress.

Kyle’s out-of-pocket rate is $100 per 55 minute session and $75 for a 45 minute session.

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Catherine Wright, MHC-LP

Associate Psychotherapist

Catherine Wright provides a welcoming and comfortable setting for clients to gain better perspective and awareness of their cognitive distortions and maladaptive coping mechanisms. She works with clients to identify and use healthy coping skills to help with negative emotions or disruptive behavioral patterns. She specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Therapy, Trauma-informed care, and Schema Therapy. She works with clients struggling with Addiction, Anxiety, Anger Management, Bipolar Disorder, Coping Skills, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Grief, Life Transitions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Stress.

Catherine’s out-of-pocket rate is $100 per 55 minute session and $75 for a 45 minute session.

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Damise Vaughn, MHC-LP

Associate Psychotherapist

Damise Vaughn believes therapy should be fun as well as challenging. She creates a space where you can be vulnerable, and your thoughts and beliefs can be challenged with compassion. In a world where we constantly have to pour, she believes everyone deserves a space solely catered to them and their growth. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help uncover core beliefs that will change actions. As well as a psychodynamic theory that explores unconscious thoughts and a trip to the past to see how it affects you today! She specializes in helping clients with the following concerns: Trauma, relationships, behavioral health, mental wellness, anxiety, depression, and family concerns.

Damise’s out-of-pocket rate is $100 per 55 minute session and $75 for a 45 minute session.

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