Children / Teens

Telehealth Therapy for Children & Teens

At Fully Integrated Psychotherapy, we are often sought out by parents who find themselves stuck. Their child has a difficult time managing their anger, anxiety, depression or problems with ADHD/ADD. Or they might have gone through a traumatic event. The child is adjusting to a loss or transition in life (such as a parent’s separation). Some parents obtain multiple calls from the school about their child’s behavior. They have to pick up their child from school in the middle of your work day. The day to day grind of taking care of their child can lead to burnout and even marital problems. Imagine what your life would be like if your child was better able to manage his or her emotions.

We provide a non-judgment space for your child to gain the tools to cope and, if appropriate, to heal. Just log in from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel and wait for your child.

How We Help Your Child Cope

Building Up Emotional Intelligence

One of the most effective ways to help them cope is to build up their emotional intelligence. Meaning to build up their self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. Children and teens with built up emotional intelligence behave better in school and at home, can pay attention more often, improve in their relationships, and are more empathic.

Telehealth Therapy for Children & Teens

Improving Functioning Skills for ADHD/ADD

For children and teens who have ADHD/ADD, a therapist can help them improve their executive functioning skills, such as impulse control, emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and organization. Some or all of these skills need to be enhanced in order to reduce the effects of ADHD/ADD.

Healing Modalities for Trauma

EMDR and IFS are therapy effective modalities with children suffering from losses, life transitions, anxiety, depression and trauma. These therapy modalities are more focused on healing.

Our Child & Teen Centered Approach

Therapists need a different approach when working with children than with adults. Children and teens often use play therapy and activities in order to engage in therapy. A parent’s sneak peek into their child’s therapy session can give the impression that they are just playing and not really having a therapy session. Therapists that work with children and teens are often trained in play therapy, creative arts therapy and other methods, in order to work with children in a developmentally appropriate manner. Children learn and express themselves through play. A child therapist is trained to notice and use what is expressed in play therapy to guide their therapy session. The therapist can also model how to change behavioral patterns through play and provide psycho-education.

Telehealth Therapy for Children & Teens

What does play therapy look like via Telehealth? We use tools such as the white board/screen sharing to play games to build rapport and do creative arts therapy. The use of puppets can be engaging for young children. And, even virtual tools such as Simply Sand Play, https://simplysandplay.com/blog/stacking-and-sliding which can be used for virtual Sand Tray therapy. For example, the virtual stand tray can be used for the child or teen to create a visual representation of how they feel about different aspects of their lives.