Telehealth Therapy for Couples

We have all been there; we meet someone and a part of us comes alive. We think we are finally going to have that soulmate we can dream and build a life with. Our forever partner. But, as time moves forward, unresolved problems build up causing us to feel disillusioned and question our partner. Sometimes we even question ourselves. This actually occurs in all relationships to some degree.

What makes a relationship successful or unsuccessful is largely due to the tools we utilize to repair problems. You can either move further and further away from each other or repair and nurture your relationship to maintain a strong connection. It is shocking that as a society, we don’t build relationship skills as part of our education. It is just as important as learning math. However, here and now you have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship skills.

Telehealth Therapy for Couples

How We Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Our Telehealth platform allows couples to individually log in from different locations to join in on their couple’s video therapy session. Each partner will have time to express their concerns. Many couples have concerns around poor communication, thinking about whether or not they should divorce, infidelity, and growing apart, among other concerns. We teach you the tools to communicate better and work on repairing your relationship, so you can have a stronger and more intimate relationship.

PAIIRS Method: Tools to Improve Communication

We teach PAIIRS Evidence-Based Skills to strengthen your ability to improve intimacy and get your relationship back on track. You will learn tools such as:

  • Daily temperature reading: to grow together instead of apart
  • Good talking and good listening skills
  • Understanding your love language: to not feel so bankrupt when it comes to love
  • Fair fighting skills: productive problem resolution

Telehealth Therapy for Couples

Gottman Method: Tackling Toxic Patterns

Fully Integrated also uses The Gottman Institute research-based approach to help strengthen your relationship. This approach focuses on tackling four major concerns that lead to failed relationships: Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt, and Stonewalling. We naturally use these four actions in reaction to our relationship problems. However, they often leave us in an endless circle of toxic patterns based on our survival mode, leading to resentment. We teach you and your partner to recognize these toxic patterns, work on reducing their occurrences, and increase your ability to repair your relationship. Being able to address these patterns will give you the confidence to proactively address your relationship concerns, together. It will help to move your relationship from surviving to thriving.